East Gate Enterprises UAE

East Gate Enterprises are known for their strong and trusted relationship with both global solutions providers and the various branches within the UAE Armed Forces. East Gate Enterprises has supported the GCC for nearly 30 years, enduring political and financial global challenges. Throughout this time its vision and values have remained strong, resilience and focus to deliver unaffected and they remain one of the oldest solution providers in the UAE today.

  • East Gate Enterprises partner with the Armed Forces and Military on their tender orders, projects and special solution requirements
  • East Gate Enterprises has access and partnerships with world class suppliers that can provide products and solutions that meet the needs of the UAE Armed Forces
  • East Gate Enterprises is a member of Amcham and registered with the commercial section of the USA Embassy

Our Vision

Delivering outstanding products and solutions that support the UAE Armed Forces in their quest to provide world class protection and security to the UAE by partnering with industry leading suppliers

Our Mission

  • To support the UAE Armed Forces in achieving their mission
  • To inspire their needs with the most cutting-edge products, solutions and technology
  • To create value through true management and consultancy services that supports the end to end project goal
  • Provide the United Arab Emirates a portfolio of quality Military Equipment Brands that anticipate and serve the UAE Armed Forces current and future needs
  • Be a highly professional and personalized local presence that ensures suppliers receive first class opportunities to do business
  • Listen, observe, learn and educate ourselves with the technology, products and solutions available
  • Focus on execution each and every day, have the courage to alter course and adapt to change
East Gate Enterprises UAE

Our Commitment

We believe that a military supply provider can be more than just the products it sources and that by doing things the right way we can be a powerful resource that supports the UAE Armed Forces in their quest to create a safe and secure country.

East Gate Enterprises researches and supplies high technology solutions to the UAE Armed Forces. We work as trusted partners from the initial stages of a project scope, request for proposal, testing, sourcing, training and delivery. Our commitment to both the supplier and end user is to add value through our flawless execution of project management, our trusted partnership and our true commitment for perfection.

Our business model is built on carefully selected long-lasting partnerships with a strong belief that less is more. We strive to provide a personalized service that builds long lasting and strong business relationships that we believe is the key to sustained and repeated success.

How we work

East Gate Enterprises UAE

East Gate Enterprises partners with a variety of UAE Military departments from Joint Aviation Command, Land Force, Airforce, Navy, Presidential Guards and Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority.

Our projects range in size and duration, this can be very specific in which case the project is relatively straight forward and execution swift, other projects can be far more complex with a number of requests for information, comparison of products, presentations and demonstrations.

East Gate Enterprises manages the entire project, from initial supplier requests for information, to presentation arrangements, logistical support for shipping demonstration kits, demonstration facilitation and contract execution with post project follow up.

We work as a true partner with both our suppliers and end users, providing one point of contact for both during the entire project lifecycle and beyond. Understanding the needs of our clients, staying ahead of the industry changes and connecting with suppliers who have truly innovative and cutting-edge products enables East Gate Enterprises to excel in their mission.

We pride ourselves in having a team with business, project management, marketing, training and ex-Military experience who offer a personalized and professional service.